What is Electro Chemical Etching?
How can my products benefit from this type of product marking?
Electro Chemical Etching is a fast, reliable and low-cost process to permanently mark all conductive materials. Originally developed to serve the aerospace industry’s need for metal marking parts with precision and consistency, the electro chemical marking process has expanded to include many industries. Electro Chemical Etching gives you the ability to permanently mark products, while achieving etch depths from.0001” up to 0.010” even on thin wall products. Whether your mark is for part identification, customer information, or branding, Electro-Chem Etch has a versatile and cost effective solution.

Electro-Chem Etch is located at:
545 A West Lambert Rd, Brea, California 92821 USA

Telephone: (714) 671-7744
FAX: (714) 671-7749
E-mail: electro@ecemmi.com


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